Portable Hand Wash Stations

portable hand wash station on the beach
Nowadays hygiene is even more of a relevant and vital topic for all people not only in our communities but across the entire world. Being able to wash our hands properly and constantly is a major need of the modern world, and for those remote areas or workstations the perfect solution is to rely on one of our portable wash stations. While you might be more accustomed to the idea of portable toilets the fact is that the hand wash stations also make a huge part of the mobile hygiene market, and they might just be what you need in this current world.

At its core a portable hand wash station is a very straightforward device. Built around a plastic and resin frame to remain light for transportation and delivery, a wash station functionally looks like a sink that isn’t fixed to a wall or furniture. And in general will work just as well as one. All you need to do to set up the station is simply to prop it in your desired location and loading fresh water on its tank with any hose you have at hand, Once you have filled it’s basic capacity which usually starts at least at 16 gal; you can then start using the sink in the same way you would use a traditional one. Just twist the knob and enjoy your usual hand washing experience in a mobile manner.

One of the biggest appeal points of a portable hand wash station beyond its portability is its general self-sustainability. Not only can their tanks carry a lot of water for constant use but they also come complete with additional features that let you take care of all your needs with a single product. On top of the water tanks most wash stations come with a built-in soap dispenser, usually able to carry at least 30 ounces at a time. And a paper dispenser as well, designed to accept most models of paper towels for simplicity sake. This means that both soap and the means to dry off are also directly available from the station, showing just how versatile and useful these stations are.

When it comes to draining the gray water in the system all you need to do is to take out the drain hose located in the back of the mobile station and drain the liquid away in a suitable area. And in the same note if there’s still fresh water you need to drain you can simply unscrew the bottom plug and the water will drain itself through gravity. Most portable hand wash stations are made in plastic making them light to move and easy to disassemble for cleaning. Ensuring that your station can be kept at its best for many years to come. So if you need a way to ensure that your workers or clients are able to keep their hands clean and their hygiene at its best standards don’t think twice and order one of our portable hand wash stations, we provide all of the Chicago area and are ready with the best quality products in the market.