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Museum of Science and Industry

This worldwide known museum is located between the Lake Michigan and The University of Chicago, at East 57th Street. It was first established in 1933 while the Century of Progress Exposition was being held. As its same says, the Museum of Science and Industry exhibits scientifical and technological discoveries such as a full size replica coal mine which was captured in the World War II. In 1998, David R Mosena became the museum’s CEO.

In 2016 there were 1.5 million visitors which is extremely impressive. This is due to the fact that thousands of tourists visit Chicago every year and the Museum of Science and Industry is definitely a must. The building has about 2000 exhibits which are all distributed among the 75 major halls of the museum. However, some of the most incredible discoveries are held in different halls which visitors only have access to if paying and additional fee.

The first thing visitors see when they get into the museum is the Pioneer Zephyr, which is permanently located in the Entry Hall. Several tours are made here due to its great relevance. The lower level allows tourists to see with their own eyes one of the German submarines used during World War II. It was moved indoors because sunlight was damaging it but still remains as one of the most popular exhibits. The Apollo 8 spacecraft is included in the Henry Crown Space Centers. This spacecraft was the first one ever to allow human beings to go to space and see our planet and the moon.

The first level is famous due to the mirror maze where visitors can learn about nature and its natural patterns. Moreover, several permanent exhibitions are located here such as the Great Train Story, the 999 Empire State Express, a replica of the first Wright Brothers airplane, 2 World War II warplanes… etc.

It was not until 2010 when the Museum of Science and Industry inaugurated the Science Stores, which are by the way also permanent. This allows the museum’s guests to learn and appreciate the beauty of physics and chemistry. They can also learn about genetically modified animals such as chickens, frogs, mice…

In the second level, visitors can walk through an exact model of the human heart. It has been updated for the YOU! Experience and it is way more accurate. For those who are really interested in warship models, there are many US Navy replicas and even a flight simulator!

However, there are also temporary exhibits. For example Titanic, Leonardo DaVInci, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Christmas Exhibitions, the science behind Pixar Studios…

All in all, the Museum of Science and Industry is a must for those who travel to Chicago and are looking forward to learning more and more about science, technology and even a lot of History. Some of the exhibits are not allowed to every guest so make sure you know where you want to go before entering the museum… are you ready to learn and discover the world? The Museum of Science and Industry is waiting for you in Chicago Illinois right now!

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